Fabric Velcro Dart Board
Fabric Velcro Dart Board

Fabric Velcro Dart Board

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  • A modern twist on a classic game, the fabric dart board reduces frustration and is safe for children to use.
  • This set includes an 14-inch dartboard and four (4) -wrapped dart balls.
  • Using -wrapped dart balls instead of darts makes scoring easy.
  • The fabric dart board is lightweight and easy to hang anywhere.
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and up.

Aim to be the top scorer at the office! Host your own dart ball tournaments, challenge co-workers, and be the life of the office with the dart ball board - 14 inch. This fabric-covered board comes with four dart balls that stick anywhere on target. Playing dart ball is great way to take a break during a hectic day, or pass time on long conference calls (just tell them to ignore the thwacking sound in the background). with practice, you'll have dart ball bragging rights and you'll spend your days boasting your accomplishments. Great family fun for all ages. This Velcro covered 14" Safety Target Dart Board with four Velcro wrapped balls features large numbers for easy scoring and playing. Perfect indoor fun.